Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flat Top and Wasilla....

Off we went to Flat Top to hike....the wind was a whopper!! My hat blew off twice and we all almost got knocked over! Then we took off to Wasilla to find Sarah Palin's house! We actually found it and could see onto the property......after some good food at the Cadillac Ranch in Wasilla we headed back to Anchorage. The weather is cloudy and dreary today....good for napping! After a nap we set of for Kincaid Park and we saw MOOSE!! YEAH!!!! Ended the night with some yummy choc cake at Sullivan's..and wine! Oh we heard Kate plus 8 are in town and they are at all the stops before us...KATE stop that!!! Tomorrow.....Anchorage weekend Market and Girdwood.....A little reenactment of the engagement :).

Heading up Flat Top

Just a little windy....

Bear Bell in action...

Sarah Palin's house....
Look what I found...... PETERS CREEK

OF Course I didn't take my good camera on this hike.....thank Iphone!
Driving home we saw some more MOOSE! We were excited!

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